Why Working Out With A Friend Is Actually The Best

Every Saturday morning, I get together with a group of strong women. We laugh, we crack jokes, we get silly, but most importantly - we motivate and push each other to lift heavier, run faster, and push harder. We have a great time, and honestly, sometimes I don’t even realize that I’ve burned 300-400 calories each session!

Working out with a partner or small group has many significant benefits. In addition to keeping you motivated, your workout crew also hold you accountable, and help you keep on track with your goals Now we’ve all seen these amazing Instaposts with these God-like people who are perfectly synchronized with their workouts, but what I love about my girl squad is that we are all able to work at our own respective paces. Plus, when I'm ready to call it quits, the sight of these powerhouses give me the motivation to keep pushing through! See below for more reasons why I think working out with a small group works so well for us!

1) Someone to celebrate my accomplishments with. Some of us are new mums, some of us have certain goals when it comes to gaining muscle mass, and some of us have mobility issues to work through. Each one of our workouts brings us closer to our own individual goals and when we get there, we have our girl squad to celebrate it with us. 2) I work harder with someone else around. Research has found that people are more likely to lose weight if their exercise buddy is losing weight with them. This along with wanting to keep up with our group helps tremendously when it comes to finishing a workout. 3) Variety. I met another group of women who came to one of my classes as a birthday surprise to their friend. Not only did they try something new, the birthday girl worked harder and motivated her friends to do the same (see reason number two!). When it comes to our Saturday morning sessions, because we all have different goals, we switch up our workouts which keeps me challenged.

4) Building new friendships. Fun fact: None of us knew each other a year ago. Now I can’t imagine not seeing them every week! It definitely made it easier that we all started with a shared interest- improving our health- which made it so much easier for us to bond! Our chats during the workouts make time go by much faster! 5) I'm more likely to keep my commitment. We are great a motivating each other into, and through a workout session. There have been plenty of times when I would have rather stayed in bed. Guilt is a bigger motivator than I realized, and I am so thankful I have these women to keep me accountable!

6) A break. I’m not going to lie, or sugar coat this: Mom life is draining sometimes. Coupled with the stress of having another job sometimes makes it extra hard. One of the things I love about having these sessions is that I can leave the mom talk at home (sometimes, ha ha ha) and be myself. I’m also able to be fully present or our workout, or whatever the discussion of the day is.

We all deserve to have an effective and motivating workout. Learning what your body can do, and safely pushing past your limits should be a part of the experience. There isn’t a better way to do that than with a friend. As I work with more and more clients, I encourage them to bring a friend. Sometimes I’ll even sneak in a partner for them to workout with so they can reach their goals together. The benefits of having a workout buddy are endless. I have seen it work for so many others and I’m confident it’ll work for you, too!

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